As many of my followers know; I don’t often post things that weren’t created by me. Every now and then I can’t resist. This is one of those times.

This short documentary by Notion Films covers what it’s like being a comedian in New Hampshire. I know most of the comics in the film and I love them all. This was filmed a few years ago before I began performing and everyone in it has grown so much talent wise. Rumor has it; a second one is in the making.

This is the kind of material that should be on local television. Not the shit that is currently airing. I’m glad someone put this together, because I’ve wanted to see something like this since I began.

The subtext is a little heartbreaking once you think about it. We are comedians in New Hampshire. Not New York, not LA or Chicago. A lot of us aren’t going to be famous or get recognized for our work, which kills me inside, cause a lot of these people are infinitely more talented than the dribbling neanderthals who are currently in the limelight.

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